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Congratulations you have decided to get married!! Now you can look forward to planning

your big day!


The Wedding Ceremony


Is it outside - do you need cover. A nice clean white marquee will look fantastic, and serve a 



Seating - we can deliver and set up.


Red carpet - "It's special, make it look special.


Audio - YES AUDIO. Weve all watched the ceremony video and said "It would be much better

if we could here what they are saying. - Why not have some speakers and a wireless mic system.

Such a simple addition to your wedding ceremony but so important.



The Wedding Reception


If you have a location with the space required, a Marquee reception is not just a way of keeping the budget down but look at the advantages.

# They look awesome 


# A marquee has the advantage of being a blank canvas; you can decorate the interior to fit in with your wedding theme.


# Let us create the Marquee size that you require, from a few guests to hundreds of guests.


# You may require a more intimate event consider hiring a gazebo or small marquee, great for small wedding receptions. No minimum numbers to worry about!


# Imaginative lighting schemes allow you to create great effects in your marquee wedding, for example …hanging lanterns, subtle colour washes or even the night sky effect .


# Start & Finish times - Set your own times for start and finish. Party the whole night away if you like.

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